It’s all about the little things


Check out this optical illusion advert for a kitchen!

Loving these London photos!

This is what happens when you leave colouring books in the hands of bored adults!

The invisible barn

Sometimes the simple ideas are the best like this project, New York Numbers. (Short article about it here)

A butterfly-themed street art project





It’s all about the little things


Loving this use of computer error messages to describe real life

These photos of a hedgehog along with illustrated masks are so cute.

I’ve seen this creepy optical illusion video in a few places so I thought I’d share the creepiness! (You can thank me later….or not!)

Check out these very detailed bird illustrations – all made from food!

There are some gorgeous colours in these sunset (through broken mirror) photos.

And finally, check out this amazing animation.

It’s all about the little things


The changing face of New York store fronts

When your dad works as a special effects artist, you get home videos like these

Gorgeous hand lettering done one dot at a time

I might do more DIY if there was a smiley face looking back at me. (Emphasis on “might”!)

Thrift-store paintings after a makeover

There’s something strangely intriguing about these abandoned mall photos

If your iphone keeps running out of battery, try these tips

Some more great street art here and here




It’s all about the little things

rainbowI’m getting tempted to get this illustrated guide to New York City

 Who wants a Lego Kit Kat set?

Loving these examples of kid logic!

Photoshop tool stickers, anyone?

How about some amazing frozen lake photos?

Animation stills digitally repainted to look 3D.

Who knew that watching food being made could look quite so gorgeous?

Ok, so this isn’t a sentence I imagined writing here – check out this adaptive daylight window shading system!

It’s all about the little things


Iconic bands recreated in Lego

The Empire State Building made from bike tyre tracks

Some amazing body painting here – a woman turned into a parrot

Loving these tiny toy animations on the streets of London (especially the bulldozer!)

Who needs to drink coffee when you can make illustrations like these from the coffee grounds?

Getting a bit addicted to this game – it all seems so simple….


It’s all about the little things


I can dream of an NYC apartment like this one

Loving these photos of people playing with the moon!

Speaking of NYC, how about a bit of celebrity photobombing at Top of The Rock?

If only these beds were in adult size…. (I’m liking the Treehouse or the Tent!)

An interesting look at newspaper covers vs their most shared stories

Camouflaged food, anyone?

Some great illustrations that were all done with biro pens



It’s all about the little things

raindrops-and-snowdropsTwo different re-imaginings of this year’s Oscar nominee posters. Lego or Pixar – which do you prefer?

Quiz time – what kind of tattoo should you get? (I got typography.)

With my love of cloud photos, I had to include these reimaginings of clouds as magical landscapes

There’s some amazing adventure photography from around the world here¬†

A candleholder that turns melted wax into a whole new candle!

The changing face of women in stock photography

It’s all about the little things

ValentinesHello again.

In the spirit of Valentines Day, I thought I’d share this heart shaped apple piece I saw the other day.

Just me that sees it? Oh, well – onto the list!

Some fun street art – I’m loving the dandelions and the scissors!

A very quiet (snow-covered) New York, a very lively New York and where to get your coffee in New York!

A look at Annie Leibovitz and the Disney Dream Portraits.

Who needs regular doors when you could have one like this?

What font are you? (Apparently, I’m Times New Roman…)

An interesting response to forever being asked “When are you getting married?”

To finish, a little bit of penguin cuteness!

It’s all about the little things

snowdropsHello again!

Check out these sculptures – they may look like inflatable toys but they’re actually ceramic!

Buzzfeed have put together a Sherlock guide to the UK.

Loving these drawings mixed with everyday objects

In contrast to the above link, how about some photos that look like drawings?

Quiz time – Where in the UK should you actually live? (I got London).

What improvised toys did you make?

In the almost-obligatory NYC post, I’m liking these photos of the NYC subway in the 1980s.