Me and my words

The act of doing self-portraits gave me some unexpected lessons and I’ve been wondering ever since if there were other ways of using photography to create similar changes.

Idea number one was pretty simple – write down a bunch of words,


pick one/a few at random


and see where my mind and my camera takes me.

For the first go, I started small with what was around me as I picked up my camera.




(There was no way I could leave my sunflowers out when I saw the word colour.)


How it really looked when I photographed my words…..


In that moment, being authentic was showing some of the messiness of my surroundings…


When you just know….


Did I get any major revelations? Not this time but I think it’ll be a good challenge to try again.

Next time, I’m going to see where it takes me out in the big wide world!



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