It’s all about the little things.


First of all, Happy New Year!

To start, something that just makes me smile. I’ve never seen any decent-looking fake sunflowers until now (see above) – I liked them so much I bought some more! (see below!)

Although I have a wonderful web designer for a sister (who’s going to help me re-do this site), I discovered Codecademy recently and have been learning little bits of  HTML. I can now do things like making these words red or these words really big. Next up, some CSS.


If you haven’t seen this before, check out this TED talk from Brene Brown.

Likewise, if you’ve never read any of Danielle LaPorte’s work before, why not start with this one about the lame beliefs we hold onto?

From my list of random films I want to see this year, the new Pixar film Monsters University.

Having been born on the 13th (not a Friday though), I’ve not been one for superstitions. However, for those who are, I love this idea where they renamed this year “The Library.”

The Library has now been open for three days.




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