It’s all about the little things (from 2012)…


Today’s post is going to be slightly different – instead of links, here are a few little things I’m taking from this year, starting with the fact …..

– that I have an amazing group of friends (kinda knew that bit) who’ve had to put up with a lot of oversharing this year…

– that it is possible to take photos that I fall in love with instantly

-that, as weird as it can be, sometimes you need a zombie moment

-that you can gain confidence in the strangest times/places (see above point)

– that I might now want a Polaroid camera

– that two days in July is too short (and hot) a time to visit New York

– that sometimes you just need to let go (of people, fears, beliefs/stories, expectations)

– that I really need to do more, talk/think/write less (and apologise to anyone who’s had to deal with an essay-like email or ten this year)

– that acceptance is not about getting rid of your “bad” traits (procrastination being one) but learning how to work with them

Little things in Oxford

Now for a few little 2013 things/plans (more to come soon)

– Go back to New York

– Keep moving forward out of that comfort zone……


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