My cards (part two)

Last time I told you about some of my cards.

 This second set of cards are known as my iphone-made cards.

I was inspired by the square format that apps like Hipstamatic and Instagram use. (In the end, all these photos turned out to be Hipstamatic ones.)

Why did I put them on a white background? I didn’t realise it at the time but I think it’s inspired by how people customise the white borders on Polaroid photos. (That and I liked the simplicity of the design.)  I had visions of people customising them with their own message.

These first two cards were made from photos taken at Columbia Road Flower Market in June. (Here‘s another photo from the same visit.) Although I had my digital and Instax camera with me, the iphone was great for grabbing photos while stuck in the middle of the lunchtime chaos!

This next card was taken on the same day as I wandered away from the flower market towards the nearest underground station.  It seemed to suit using a monochrome film.

As I mentioned here, I love peonies so this was a very easy choice.

For the same reason, I had to put some clouds in too!!

The cards can all be found here at my Etsy shop.

(Silly me – I forgot to put a link at the bottom of the previous post! Not very helpful…..All sorted now though.)


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