My cards (part one)

As promised yesterday, I’m back again with the first of two posts about my new cards.

First up, we have my Christmas/winter cards.

The two photos on the left were both taken last winter during all the snow. I took the top one from just outside my front door, carefully editing out the nearby buildings!

The photo on the right is of Covent Garden last Christmas – I love it when people do something different with their decorations. (Carnaby Street is always worth a look too.)

The top photo was taken from my bedroom window. (After the snow-covered tree photo, it doesn’t sound like I move very far for my photos, does it?)

The forget-me-nots (the lower photo) is one of my all-time favourite photos that I’ve taken – I just love the colours.

To finish up, the rubber duck. Every time I see the photo, it just makes me smile – I’m hoping that other people feel the same!

On the right, we have the polyanthus flowers – I love how they all overlay each other so nicely.

Next time, I’ll tell you more about my iphone-made cards.

EDIT – All these cards can be found here at my Etsy shop. (Silly me – I forgot to put a link in!)


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