A few little things about me

(Lots of little things here too!)

1. My name’s Donna.

2. As I was born on the 13th (not Friday 13th), I figure that it can’t be that unlucky so I ignore most superstitions. However,  I do still do that compatibility calculator thing (that I learnt at school) with names just to see what it says…..

3. I have a theory that, if I didn’t have such awkwardly-sized feet (a wide uk size 9) I would have a real shoe obsession.

4. My favourite singer right now is Seth Lakeman and this is my current favourite song here

5. I used to play clarinet and alto saxophone in my school band. I half-taught myself to play piano – I can read treble clef (right hand) really easily but the bass clef reading (left hand) leaves a lot to be desired….

6. My favourite films are Before Sunrise  and Before Sunset. (Richard Linklater directed both of these films as well as my favourite film when I was at university – Dazed and Confused – a completely unintentional connection!)

7.  I spent a year studying at UCSB (University of California, Santa Barbara).

8. I’m a recovering optimistic pessimist. (My tendency has been to believe in good things happening but just not for me).

9. My camera collection right now – Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ-18, Fuji Instax Mini 25, Nikon F55 (film SLR), an Iphone and my old Canon Powershot. (I’ve just acquired an old Brownie camera too but I haven’t used that one yet!)

10. I do procrastinate a lot. (In an effort to combat this, I’m going to state here my intention to open an Etsy shop in the not-too-distant future.)


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